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4th June 2009

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Protecting the Rain Forest

The Sumatran Tiger is under threat of Extinction because the people of the region cannot resist obliterating the Rain Forest by logging it into oblivion and destroying the habitat that the rain forest has afforded these Magnificent creatures for 1000s of years.  

Man-kind evolved from the rain forest: it is not our right to place these important regions of the world in peril.  

As a Strategy for lessening the impact of Climate Change on the Earth, the protection of the rain forest is vitally important.  If the governors of the global Economy concentrated more on the defence of these regions and were less obsessed with Quotas for CO2 emissions, then some progress with combating Climate Change could be made.

A Protection Order on all remaining Rain Forests would put us well on the way to saving our planet.  Without this, we are ourselves Doomed to Extinction  in a short space of time.  

The stark message is clear:  Protect the Rain Forest!

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