Friday, 30 July 2010

Terminal atrophy

We are an Innovation Nation. We are also currently a ConDemnation and like it or not, no one voted for the ConDem coalition, no one wants their obnoxious Agenda and no one will mourn the hastening of their ignominious departure. That said, they might redeem themselves with good works instead of the Damnation they have it in them to bring upon the heads of all of us. One worthy action which I seek is out-lined in my submission on Parliamentary Prejudice. If this shower cannot set their own house in order then the task before them of setting the country in order is way beyond them, and even at this early stage the signs are there that the time approaches for them to throw in the towel and admit there is no Mandate for them to govern if there is no electoral support for their project. All else is of passing relevance here. Emancipate the disenfranchised and accede to the wishes of the electorate and then a mandate can show through. Without it, puppetry and shadow-boxing is a diversion but no substitute for bowing to the will of the people in fresh elections. That is who it is for.
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